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Zonic’s Headband by Olivia-Rose

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I made a head band for zonic and brought it in because I thought a head band would keep his ears warm. I made the head band all by myself .

By Olivia-Rose

Zonic’s new bed by Evie

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I  brought  a   bed   in   for   Zonic   because   I    thought    he   might     be    a    bit     uncomfortable    without   it.

By   Evie


Oh no… We have a new visitor! Have you seen him?

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When we came into school on Monday, we found a visitor on our carpet area!

An alien had landeddddd!

We found a little note by the side of our new friend telling us some exciting information. His name was Zonic and he was a very naughty, naughty alien! Zonic had pressed a large, red button on the control panel of his spaceship… and they had crashed! We couldn’t believe our eyes, Mr Cross even came to have a look as well!

The letter told us Zonic had brothers! Class Five decided to go on an exciting alien hunt to find the other aliens around the school grounds!

Here is Zonic…

When we found him, he had lots of green glitter with small bits of white material around him. Sid thought maybe it was bits of the ceiling where he had fallen through! Harlem thought the glitter was special alien dust!


Ellie and Izzy holding Zonic on our alien hunt!


We found evidence of alien movement…


What is this glitter dust?


Olivia- Rose thinks this could be part of the spaceship…


We found an area near the pond where we think the spaceship had landed… there was special tape around this area too! Class Five think the spaceship can be seen by the aliens however not by us humans! We collected the evidence together and took it back to the classroom.


We found Zonic’s brothers on our hunt too! They are called Zog and Zoom…they like to get up to mischief too!


Zonic is going to be kept safe in our role play area, we think it will feel much more like his planet.

We wonder how we can get them back to their planet? Do you have any ideas?

Class Five