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Space Stories

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Space Stories

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Searching for space facts!

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We have used the learn pads to help us look for exciting planet facts for our  space non-fiction books!

Here are some photographs of us working together:




IMG_5495 IMG_5496

What exciting space facts do you know? We could use some in our writing! Class Five x

Phases of the Moon

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In our Topic lessons, we have been learning all about the phases of the moon. We printed the moon using crumpets! Here are some pictures of Class Five printing:




Then we cut the printed moon shapes out and put them in the order of:

New Moon

Quarter Moon

Crescent Moon

Full Moon

IMG_5445Amber, Marley and Emily carefully cutting around their printed moon shapes!

We have learned lots of facts and information about the moon! Do you know any other facts?

What shape is the moon tonight?


Planet Milkshakes

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In Design Technology, we made delicious Planet Milkshakes! We had a lovely time working in groups, carefully planning and making our unique milkshakes. Here are some pictures from our fun DT morning:








Have you made a milkshake before? Which ingredients did you use?

One small step for man…

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In Literacy, we went on an exciting adventure…We travelled on a space rocket (just like Apollo 11) and visited an imaginary planet! We needed to put our astronaut space suits and helmets on and away we went… Blast Off!

IMG_5248Here we are on the new planet.

We decided to plant a flag just like Neil Armstrong to tell others (humans…and maybe aliens!!!) that we had discovered a new planet in the solar system.

IMG_5245Lola-Mae drew a number 5 in on the ground to represent Class Five. What a great idea!


Making the flag using objects we have found on the planet…


Exploring the new planet…What can you see?

Would you like to discover a new planet? How would you feel if you travelled in a rocket?

Looking after our class alien…Pou!

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Today, Class Five used the learn pads to look after an alien called Pou. It was lots of fun!






Everyday, a superstar from Class Five will be picked to look after our class alien, Pou. We need to feed him, bathe him and keep him active throughout the school day!

To infinity and beyond…

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Here are Class Five being crafty and creative! These are photographs of Luca and Olivia-Rose completing their planet ready for our story writing next week.



Some of the finished planets… Do you like our designs? We are very proud of them.


Can you see Zonic in the photograph? What a naughty alien!

IMG_5099Our finished rocket to take Zonic back up to space! He loves it! We used coloured foil, tin foil, bottle tops and cellophane. Harry and Marley had excellent ideas and the rocket looks wonderful!


In Design Technology, we made our own unique rockets to help Zonic back to his planet… We designed them thoughfully, using a ruler to help draw the rocket shape carefully and chose the materials we needed. Come and see them in the classroom!

We hope you like our topic work!

Class Five x

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Blast off!

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Here are some of Class Five with our own super rocket and artistic planets!

We have been thinking all about creating our own planet and what we imagine them to look like. We have used pastel, paint, sponges, tissue paper and bubble wrap to make our fantastic art work… Do you like them? We are going to write all about our unique planets next week in Literacy and blog some too.

What do you think of our rocket? Do you think the aliens will like it?

Zonic’s Headband by Olivia-Rose

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I made a head band for zonic and brought it in because I thought a head band would keep his ears warm. I made the head band all by myself .

By Olivia-Rose