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Class Five Prayers

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In RE, Class Five have written caring and thoughtful poems thinking about our PSHE value of this term…Wisdom.

These children read out their lovely prayers in our worship assembly. Well done!

Dear God, 

Please help us to make wise choices and do the right things. Make people better if they are ill. 


By Emily

Dear God,

Please help people who are unwell. Thank you God for when we need you.


By Madison

Dear God,

Thank you for the teachers in our school who help us learn new exciting things. Help us feel better when we are not feeling very well.


By Bella

Dear God,

Please help people who are ill and poorly in Afghanistan. Thank you for our food and drinks.


By Marley

Carry on being superstars!

What makes us special?

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We have been thinking about what makes us special.
We are special because:

We are kind and helpful (Evie)

Our mums and dads and sisters and brothers love us (Tilly)

We play with people (Myles)

You have friends and mummy and daddy kiss you and hug you at night (Sophie)

We can do sports (Alfie M)

We can be kind to our friends (Harry)

Nobody else is you (Daisy)

We love our muumies and daddies (Izzy)

We have brothers and sisters and mummies and daddies (Ellie)

We are kind to other people (Charlie)

We have fish as pets (Harlem)

We care and love people (Amber)

We are kind (Lucas)

We look after people when they hurt themselves (Bella)

We love everybody (Tilly)

We care about all the animals (Sophie)

We look after God’s world (Harry)

We are nice to other people (Evie)

We can swim (Alfie M)

We care about our family (Bella)