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Castle Life…Jousting fun!

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IMG 1236 from BLS School on Vimeo.

We’ve been going on a knight hunt…

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Knights commence…
We have been learning all about castles and castle life this term! On Wednesday, we held a jousting competition in the hall… We put on our ‘coat of arms’ t-shirts (which we designed carefully with brightly coloured fabric pens and paint) and our Class Five inspired shields, we were definitely ready for battle!


Here is Madison ready for battle holding the lance…


Amber ready for battle…

IMG_1226Class Five waiting for their chance to battle and cheering on their friends!


These are the children on the Class Five winners bench! Who will win overall?

What did you think of the jousting competition? Did you have lots of fun? Did you win your battle?

…Videos to follow!

Miss Garnett