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Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 7th February 2014

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Class Five’s Superstars of the Week are Olly, Jayden and Oscar (Bella from last week too!).

Olly and Jayden have worked so hard this week! They were science superstars when learning about natural and man-made materials! They carefully sorted objects and went on a natural and man made walk around school. They had fantastic ideas! Well done- keep it up!

Oscar has had a wonderful week and has taken Lottie home! Oscar has worked so hard in our maths lessons and had an excellent understanding of partitioning numbers and adding three different numbers- Mr Cross was so impressed! Oscar is a polite and caring boy, who is always friendly to others in Class Five. He is a very talented artist and was a ICT superstar finding space facts on the learn pads for his non-fiction book! What a fantastic week! Keep it up Oscar!

Carry on being the star that you are!
Miss G x




Class Five’s Super stars of the week- 13th September 2013

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Oscar, Amber and Izzy are Class Five’s Stars of the Week!

Oscar has made a great start to Year Two! He is very kind and friendly to other children and always sits smartly on the carpet! Oscar is very hard working and smiley! Well done Oscar, keep it up!

Amber has made a great start to Year Two! She has lots of excellent ideas on the carpet and produced lovely, detailed written work about her summer holiday. Keep it up Amber, what a wonderful start!

Izzy took Lottie (the class dog!) home for the weekend! She is a true superstar! Izzy is very helpful and is always happy! She has a big smile on her face every morning. Izzy is a great friend and has made an excellent start to Class Five. Hope you had a lovely weekend Izzy.

pic 3

Izzy… ready to have a fun weekend with Lottie!

Carry on being the star that you are J

Miss Garnett