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Zonic’s Headband by Olivia-Rose

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I made a head band for zonic and brought it in because I thought a head band would keep his ears warm. I made the head band all by myself .

By Olivia-Rose

Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 10th January 2014

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IMG_5104Class Five’s superstars of the week are Lucas, Izzy and Olivia-Rose.

Olivia-Rose is a superstar because she is good at art and her space rocket was excellent! She is very helpful in the classroom and is good at tidying up. Olivia-Rose always sits quietly on the carpet. She is sensible and fun to play with! Olivia-Rose has excellent manners and listens very carefully on the carpet. Well done Olivia-Rose, a great start to 2014. Have a lovely weekend with Lottie!

Lucas is a star because he has completed excellent division work in Maths, he is a maths superstar! Lucas is very wise and makes good choices in the classroom and playground! Keep up the neat handwriting too! Well done Lucas- a fab start to 2014!

Izzy has been awarded a yellow certificate for creating a wonderful rocket design! I can’t wait to see it finished… It is very detailed and Izzy thought carefully about the materials she would need! Izzy always makes good choices in school and is very, very wise. Well done Izzy- a fab start to 2014!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss G x

Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 18th October 2013

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Olivia-Rose, Myles and Kelsey are Class Five’s Superstars of the week.

Olivia-Rose has had a wonderul week! She is always there for other children in Class Five and has lovely manners. Olivia-Rose created a decorative pebble design- I loved it! She is excellent at writing Katie Morag adventures and letters. Well done Olivia- Rose!

Myles has worked very hard in all our lessons! He has produced very thoughful Katie Morag work and his handwriting has really improved! Myles has had a great try at blogging from home and we have loved reading your comments! Keep up the good work Myles!

Kelsey has taken Lottie home for the weekend! Kelsey always works very hard and tries her best. She is a good friend and is always kind and friendly. Kelsey sits on the carpet smartly and listens carefully everyday. Well done Kelsey- keep up the hard work!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss Garnett