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Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 25th October 2013

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IMG_3953Harry taking Lottie home for the half term holidays! Hope you had lots of fun Harry!


Luca, Bella and Harry are Class Five’s Superstars of the week.

Luca has been awarded Star of the Week for creating a wonderful block print of the rainforest. He is a kind and caring boy who always sits smartly. Well done Luca, keep it up!

Bella has worked very hard this week! She has tried hard with her handwriting and her Katie Morag adventure writing is excellent, using capital letters and full stops! I loved your block printing too! Well done Bella!

Harry has taken Lottie home for half term. Harry has had a super week- he is a superstar! He always works hard in class, he is an excellent reader and a very good listener. Harry is helpful, a great book monitor and always lets children join in his games at playtime. He loves being creative! Harry has made a wonderful brazilian mask and block print design of an owl. Keep it up Harry!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss Garnett

Class Five’s Super Stars of the Week- 20th September 2013

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Charlie, Madison and Luca are Class Five’s Stars of the Week!

Charlie is always kind, thoughtful and helpful around the classroom. He works hard and always tries his best in whatever work he is completing. Charlie makes other children smile and is a super friend. Well done Charlie!

Madison always tries her best and has worked very hard in her literacy work. Her Katie Morag writing was fantastic! Madison sits smartly and listens carefully at all times. Good girl Madison, keep it up!

Luca took Lottie (the class dog!) home for the weekend!  Luca is caring and always lets people join in his games on the playground. He is kind and has wonderful manners. Luca has tried his best all week and made an excellent Katie Morag treasure map. He is smart on the carpet and is always so smiley! Hope you have had a lovely weekend with Lottie.

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss Garnett