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Space Stories

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Space Stories

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Space Stories

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One small step for man…

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In Literacy, we went on an exciting adventure…We travelled on a space rocket (just like Apollo 11) and visited an imaginary planet! We needed to put our astronaut space suits and helmets on and away we went… Blast Off!

IMG_5248Here we are on the new planet.

We decided to plant a flag just like Neil Armstrong to tell others (humans…and maybe aliens!!!) that we had discovered a new planet in the solar system.

IMG_5245Lola-Mae drew a number 5 in on the ground to represent Class Five. What a great idea!


Making the flag using objects we have found on the planet…


Exploring the new planet…What can you see?

Would you like to discover a new planet? How would you feel if you travelled in a rocket?

Oi Brazil!

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Katie Morag sent Class Five a parcel from Brazil!!! We were very excited! She had seen we were writing our own stories about ‘Katie Morag and the Grand Carnival’. Katie sent us some pencils from Brazil- we loved writing our stories with them. We know that Katie has read our blog before. If you are reading this… Thank you very much Katie Morag!

photo 31photo 5

We love our pencils and writing our stories!

Our favourite book characters!

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photo 2


Class Five celebrated Book Trust Book Week by dressing up as our favourite book characters on Thursday! Which character is your favourite? Class Five made an fantastic effort with their wonderful costumes… Lazy Smurf, The Gruffalo, Sophie from the BFG and lots of lovely princesses… just to name a few! You might even see Harry Potter and Dorothy in the picture too!