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Making Castles in Design Technology…

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In DT, we have been making castles. We carefully designed our castle using our design sheet thinking about what materials they will need.

Our castles look fantastic…take a look at our finished products! Which part of the castle do you like? Which colours do you like?

What is eye-catching about the castles?

The Jousting Tournament Final…

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IMG 1244 from BLS School on Vimeo.

Festival Time! Samba!

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On Thursday, the Year One and Year Two children took part in our amazing Brazilian Carnival! We had lots of  fun with our brightly coloured masks, funky samba dancing and playing our musical instruments. Here are some photographs of our carnival:


We practised our samba movements and did a dance together! IMG_4132


Harlem getting ready to samba!


Evie enjoying the carnival…


Great dancing Bella!


Mr Martin came to teach us all a samba rhythm using the ago-go bells and a whistle. We then played the rhythm with our own instruments. We had so much fun!

Which part of the carnival did you like best?

Videos will come soon…