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The Jousting Tournament Final…

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IMG 1244 from BLS School on Vimeo.

Planet Milkshakes

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In Design Technology, we made delicious Planet Milkshakes! We had a lovely time working in groups, carefully planning and making our unique milkshakes. Here are some pictures from our fun DT morning:








Have you made a milkshake before? Which ingredients did you use?

Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 31st January 2014

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Class Five’s Superstars of the Week are Bella, Lola-Mae and Olivia.



Bella and Lola-Mae have both been awarded a golden certificate for their excellent space stories. They have included capital letters, full stops, speech marks and wow words! They have really worked hard and I am so proud of them! Keep it up Bella and Lola-Mae…Even Mr Cross had a read of the stories and thought they were wonderful!

Olivia is taking Lottie home today! Well done Olivia! Olivia is always kind and caring in school and is a lovely friend to have. She always tries her best and has very good ideas on the carpet. Olivia always puts her hand up to answer questions and sits smartly. Olivia was an excellent team worker when we were making Planet Milkshakes and worked very hard on her flying rocket when we had our Design Technology day!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss G x

Looking after our class alien…Pou!

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Today, Class Five used the learn pads to look after an alien called Pou. It was lots of fun!






Everyday, a superstar from Class Five will be picked to look after our class alien, Pou. We need to feed him, bathe him and keep him active throughout the school day!

To infinity and beyond…

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Here are Class Five being crafty and creative! These are photographs of Luca and Olivia-Rose completing their planet ready for our story writing next week.



Some of the finished planets… Do you like our designs? We are very proud of them.


Can you see Zonic in the photograph? What a naughty alien!

IMG_5099Our finished rocket to take Zonic back up to space! He loves it! We used coloured foil, tin foil, bottle tops and cellophane. Harry and Marley had excellent ideas and the rocket looks wonderful!


In Design Technology, we made our own unique rockets to help Zonic back to his planet… We designed them thoughfully, using a ruler to help draw the rocket shape carefully and chose the materials we needed. Come and see them in the classroom!

We hope you like our topic work!

Class Five x

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Blast off!

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Here are some of Class Five with our own super rocket and artistic planets!

We have been thinking all about creating our own planet and what we imagine them to look like. We have used pastel, paint, sponges, tissue paper and bubble wrap to make our fantastic art work… Do you like them? We are going to write all about our unique planets next week in Literacy and blog some too.

What do you think of our rocket? Do you think the aliens will like it?

Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 10th January 2014

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IMG_5104Class Five’s superstars of the week are Lucas, Izzy and Olivia-Rose.

Olivia-Rose is a superstar because she is good at art and her space rocket was excellent! She is very helpful in the classroom and is good at tidying up. Olivia-Rose always sits quietly on the carpet. She is sensible and fun to play with! Olivia-Rose has excellent manners and listens very carefully on the carpet. Well done Olivia-Rose, a great start to 2014. Have a lovely weekend with Lottie!

Lucas is a star because he has completed excellent division work in Maths, he is a maths superstar! Lucas is very wise and makes good choices in the classroom and playground! Keep up the neat handwriting too! Well done Lucas- a fab start to 2014!

Izzy has been awarded a yellow certificate for creating a wonderful rocket design! I can’t wait to see it finished… It is very detailed and Izzy thought carefully about the materials she would need! Izzy always makes good choices in school and is very, very wise. Well done Izzy- a fab start to 2014!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss G x

Class Five’s Superstars of the Week- 20th December 2013

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Hello! Sorry about the late post!

Well done to these superstars!


Class Five’s superstars of the week are Alfie, Sid and Harlem. Well done!

Alfie is a superstar! He is very good at PE and is very smart for school.  Alfie is good at reading and has good ideas in Literacy. He is a good school councillor and a great friend to all the children in Class Five. He is excellent at tidying up and always tries his hardest. Alfie always puts his hand up on the carpet. Alfie made a lovely calendar and Christmas card. Well done Alfie! Hope you had a lovely christmas with Lottie!

Sid was awarded a golden certificate for working so hard on his handwriting and always listening carefully. Keep it up Sid!

Harlem was awarded star of the week for always trying hard especially when making his Christmas card and calendar. He is always smiley and happy. Well done Harlem!

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss G x

Oh no… We have a new visitor! Have you seen him?

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When we came into school on Monday, we found a visitor on our carpet area!

An alien had landeddddd!

We found a little note by the side of our new friend telling us some exciting information. His name was Zonic and he was a very naughty, naughty alien! Zonic had pressed a large, red button on the control panel of his spaceship… and they had crashed! We couldn’t believe our eyes, Mr Cross even came to have a look as well!

The letter told us Zonic had brothers! Class Five decided to go on an exciting alien hunt to find the other aliens around the school grounds!

Here is Zonic…

When we found him, he had lots of green glitter with small bits of white material around him. Sid thought maybe it was bits of the ceiling where he had fallen through! Harlem thought the glitter was special alien dust!


Ellie and Izzy holding Zonic on our alien hunt!


We found evidence of alien movement…


What is this glitter dust?


Olivia- Rose thinks this could be part of the spaceship…


We found an area near the pond where we think the spaceship had landed… there was special tape around this area too! Class Five think the spaceship can be seen by the aliens however not by us humans! We collected the evidence together and took it back to the classroom.


We found Zonic’s brothers on our hunt too! They are called Zog and Zoom…they like to get up to mischief too!


Zonic is going to be kept safe in our role play area, we think it will feel much more like his planet.

We wonder how we can get them back to their planet? Do you have any ideas?

Class Five

Swimming fun! Splash!

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On the way to our swimming lesson… We were all very excited!


All smiley… ready to jump on the floats!

 We thought our swimming lesson was…

Luca- It was cool!

Izzy- I like going underwater!

Oscar- It was fun!

Jayden- It was the best day of my life!

Sid- I like the deep end!

Emily- It was very wet!

I liked splashing!

Olivia- It was the best day!

Olly- I liked swimming because its fun and playing underwater!

Sophie- I liked playing with my friends on the float!

Harry- I liked playing with my friends on the float and spinning it round and going underwater! Splash! We pretended it was World War One.

Amber- I liked going underwater and tipping my friends off the float!

Ellie- I liked splashing Izzy underwater!

Madison- I liked playing mermaids with Lola.

Daisy- I liked tipping the float upside down with Olivia and Evie.

Lucas- I liked playing with Harry on the float!

Harlem- I liked playing sharks with Sid.

Tilly- I have never been in the deep end before, I was a little scared at first but when I got in I played with my friends sooo much I didn’t want to get out!

Bella- I liked going underwater and I liked being tipped off the float by Amber, Tilly and Sophie. I liked jumping on the float.

Evie- I liked doing front rolls and back rolls!

Alfie- I love playing with the float!

Lola- Mae- The best part about swimming was learning to swim with Madison.

Marley- It was awesome playing with Jayden, Harlem and Sid.

Charlie- I liked tipping Izzy and Ellie off the float!

Maddox- I loved playing on the big float and I liked playing with Lucas, Oscar and Harry.

Olivia-Rose- I learnt to swim without my arm bands!

Kelsey- I liked it when Miss Garnett pulled me on the float!

Miss Garnett- I loved it when Amber splashed me in the face with lots of water!

We had such a lovely time! Do you like swimming too? What games do you play in the water?

We would love to here from you!

Class Five x