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To infinity and beyond…

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Here are Class Five being crafty and creative! These are photographs of Luca and Olivia-Rose completing their planet ready for our story writing next week.



Some of the finished planets… Do you like our designs? We are very proud of them.


Can you see Zonic in the photograph? What a naughty alien!

IMG_5099Our finished rocket to take Zonic back up to space! He loves it! We used coloured foil, tin foil, bottle tops and cellophane. Harry and Marley had excellent ideas and the rocket looks wonderful!


In Design Technology, we made our own unique rockets to help Zonic back to his planet… We designed them thoughfully, using a ruler to help draw the rocket shape carefully and chose the materials we needed. Come and see them in the classroom!

We hope you like our topic work!

Class Five x

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Blast off!

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Here are some of Class Five with our own super rocket and artistic planets!

We have been thinking all about creating our own planet and what we imagine them to look like. We have used pastel, paint, sponges, tissue paper and bubble wrap to make our fantastic art work… Do you like them? We are going to write all about our unique planets next week in Literacy and blog some too.

What do you think of our rocket? Do you think the aliens will like it?

Blast off…

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We have thought of an idea!

We have made control panels to help Zonic and his brothers get back to their planet…

IMG_5050Jayden’s control panel

IMG_5048Luca’s control panel

What buttons would you put on your control panel and why?

Festival Time! Samba!

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On Thursday, the Year One and Year Two children took part in our amazing Brazilian Carnival! We had lots of  fun with our brightly coloured masks, funky samba dancing and playing our musical instruments. Here are some photographs of our carnival:


We practised our samba movements and did a dance together! IMG_4132


Harlem getting ready to samba!


Evie enjoying the carnival…


Great dancing Bella!


Mr Martin came to teach us all a samba rhythm using the ago-go bells and a whistle. We then played the rhythm with our own instruments. We had so much fun!

Which part of the carnival did you like best?

Videos will come soon…

Ready for the carnival…

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We have made Brazilian carnival masks throughout the week. We used lots of different materials to make our masks special. They look wonderful! We also tried to samba dance!

Here are a few pictures of the boys and girls in Class Five having fun in their masks!


What did you use to make your masks special? I think we are ready for a carnival…



The finished piece…

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Here is our finished rainforest wall hanging! Class Five- can you see your print?

You have worked very hard this week and I love all of your rainforest prints! What a class of superstar artists!

photo 41

Learning about the rainforest…

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Oi Brazil!

This week we have been very, very creative in Class Five! We have been learning all about Brazil and the Rainforest. There are lots of animals that live in the rainforest. Can you name any?

We thought about our favourite rainforest animal and creatively block printed our wonderful designs onto pieces of material. Have you ever made a block print?

We drew the design on the polystyrene and pressed very hard to make deep marks!

photo 11

Tilly and Charlie drawing their rainforest design.

We chose our paint colour and poured a little printing ink into an empty tray. Then we carefully put the printing ink thinly and evenly onto the ink roller.

photo 3

Here is Alfie putting the ink onto his masterpiece!

Once we rolled on the paint, the last step was to stamp it onto the material pieces and press very hard! We gently removed the polystyrene to reveal our wonderful finished print!


Finally, we attached all our prints and tied them very carefully with ribbons to make a lovely wall hanging!




Enjoying our Class Five wall hanging! Do you like our wall hanging?


Hunting for the Northern Lights…

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We have been learning all about cold countries. Class Five think the Northern Lights look beautiful and we would love to visit there and see the lovely sights! Have you heard about the Northern Lights?

We created Northern Lights art work using chalk, collage and glitter! We think our art work is wonderful! What do you think?

IMG_3664 IMG_3667




We love being creative!

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Guess what!!!

Katie Morag is on holiday in Norway…We have been learning all about this country. We now know that Norway has beautiful views and is a very cold and snowy place. It has lovely colourful houses! Do you know anyone from Norway?

Class Five received an e-mail from Katie Morag (she has been reading our blog!) and we found out she loves to create seaside art when she is at home near the jetty.

We were thinking about Katie Morag and what we think she can see from her bedroom window. We painted our design on a large pebble found on the shore. Do you like our designs? We used bright colours and painted the pebble very carefully. They are really special to us.

peb 4

peb 3

peb 1

ted 2

ted 3

We think Katie will love our designs! We are going to send some of our pebbles to Katie when we send Tiresome Ted back to the Isle of Struay.

Have a look at the box we have designed to send Tiresome Ted back to Katie safety. Do you like it?

ted 1


ted 4 ted 5

We have had a great week learning all about Katie Morag! Love from Class Five