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We think Katie Morag is…

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We have had a think about Katie Morag’s personality this morning. These are some of our ideas…

Myles and Alfie think Katie Morag is very clumsy because she fell over a slippery stone!

Harlem and Sid think she likes to go on exciting adventures!

Sophie and Oscar think she likes going on journeys around the island. They also think she likes to get up to mischief!!

Evie and Olivia-Rose think Katie Morag is going to be cheeky on her adventures.

Izzy and Ellie think she is an excited little girl and they think she likes dancing and singing in the post office!

Alfie and Harry think she is quite hyper and silly and she threw the parcels on the doorsteps without thinking about it!

Tilly and Bella think Katie Morag will be loud and caring however she does like to do as she is told because she helps her Mum and Dad do little jobs around the post office and Isle of Struay.

Emily and Daisy think she is cheeky because she went off to the redburn bridge without asking.

Jayden and Marley think she likes to visit her Granny.

Luca and Olly think she is clumsy.

Maddox and Lucas think she always gets up to mischief as she does things without asking.

Amber think she is a little bit cheeky, she does do as she is told however she doesnt do it properly.

Charlie and Kelsey think she is a nice, kind and helpful girl.

Lola- Mae and Madison think she is cheeky and they think she is a good sister to Baby Liam.

What do you think Katie Morag is like? We can’t wait to read more stories to find out… We are going to read Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers tomorrow. Have you read this book?

Class Five


Katie Morag

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We are so excited to be starting our new Literacy topic all about the wonderful world of Katie Morag! Our role play area is being made as we speak… we are making the Isle of Struay jetty. It is a very important place on the island and in the stories. The children are painting the setting with Mrs Midgley, it is looking fantastic! We have started to make the sea using foam and sponges and we even have a boat to retell the Katie Morag stories!



What else do you think we might need for our jetty?

We have read the story ‘Katie Morag delivers the mail’ in class and loved it! Have you read this story? Did you like it? We completed a book review and thought about our favourite part of the story…


My favourite part of Katie Morag delivers the mail was when she fell in the river neur the red burn bridj. It was funny.  By Charlie.   

My favourite part of the story Katie Morag delivers the mail is when Katie Morag fell into redburn bridge and recognisd all the parsils were smudged! By Daisy.

My favourite part of Katie Morag delivers the mail is when  Katie Morag  got  dry  at  granny   island house  because  she  got  dry and  worm and finishd her job. By Kelsey.

My favourite part of Katie Morag delivers the mail is when she hides behind Granny Island because she thought Mrs and Mr McColl would be cross! My favourite part of Katie Morag delivers the mail is when Katie granny and Katie went home on the tractor. “Brum! Brum!” said the tractor. I like the part when the sheep walk other the bridge.  It’s a  bit  funny when  she  tosses  the  parcel  at  any  house. I like it when the dog puts the postman hat on. I like the part when Katie Morag does a silly thing. She jumps in the little stream. Splash! but she slipped on a gold stone. Ooops! She cried. Then she saw the parsels. By Tilly.

My favourite part of Katie Morag delivers the mail is when Katie Morag  slipped   on  a  slippey   pebble   and  she   fell  into  the  stream. When  she managed  to   get  out  all  the  houses  adresses   were   smudged  “oh  no” Katie  morag  said. “Now  I   wont  know  which    parcel  is   which, ectepet  Grannies  with  red  label  on”  then   she   did  a  very   silly  thing. She   threw  any   parcel   at   any   house  except    the  red    labled  one. Then   she   ran  all  the  way   to   grannys  house. “Well  Katie  this   is   a  great  muddle   you   got   yourseif   into!” said  granny  when   Katie  had  expland   what  shed  done. At  least  you  brang   me  the  right  parcel  she  had   her   head  under  the  tracter  For  a  long  time . Finlly  a  puff  of   black  smoack   came    out   and  old  grey  lady  started  up  .Granny  and  Katie   set  off  on  old grey   lady  . First  she  returned  the  paint  brushs  to lady  art  then  the  seeds  to  lady  garden. Then  fish  poles  to   the  holiday   family . Soon   Katie  Morag  sorted    it  all  out “Granny   would  you  like  to  come   to   tea” asked   Katie  she   thought   of     the  long   way   home   and  since    Mr  and   Mrs   McColl    were  in   a   bad   mood    with  baby  Liam   cutting   his  fisrt  tooth.So   they  set  off  on  old  grey  lady  to   Katies  house. But   everything   was  quiet   baby   Liam   had  cut  his    first   tooth   at  last! Everything   was   peaceful. “How  was  are  Katie” asked   Mr  McColl. “She   is  very  good  at  soting   things  out   is  are  Katie” said   Granny  and  she  said   no  more.  By  Evie.  

What is your favourite part of the story? We would love to hear from you.

Class Five


It’s harvest time…

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We have been super artists this week creating beautiful apple trees for our harvest display! We are very proud of them. What do you think of our wonderful art work?Harvest1


“He’s got the whole world in His hands…”

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We are going to having a lovely ‘Creation’ display in the school hall!

As part of the display, Class Five’s challenge is to create a picture of the World. We thought about the lovely song “He’s got the whole world in His hands!” and got very messy with printing our handprints! We used lots of glitter to make it sparkle! We hope you like our creation!

Class Five’s Super Stars of the Week- 20th September 2013

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Charlie, Madison and Luca are Class Five’s Stars of the Week!

Charlie is always kind, thoughtful and helpful around the classroom. He works hard and always tries his best in whatever work he is completing. Charlie makes other children smile and is a super friend. Well done Charlie!

Madison always tries her best and has worked very hard in her literacy work. Her Katie Morag writing was fantastic! Madison sits smartly and listens carefully at all times. Good girl Madison, keep it up!

Luca took Lottie (the class dog!) home for the weekend!  Luca is caring and always lets people join in his games on the playground. He is kind and has wonderful manners. Luca has tried his best all week and made an excellent Katie Morag treasure map. He is smart on the carpet and is always so smiley! Hope you have had a lovely weekend with Lottie.

Carry on being the star that you are!

Miss Garnett


Super Geography!

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Maddox went to show his super Geography work to Mr Cross today. Maddox worked very hard and could tell me where England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are placed on the map! What a superstar!


Class Five’s Super stars of the week- 13th September 2013

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Oscar, Amber and Izzy are Class Five’s Stars of the Week!

Oscar has made a great start to Year Two! He is very kind and friendly to other children and always sits smartly on the carpet! Oscar is very hard working and smiley! Well done Oscar, keep it up!

Amber has made a great start to Year Two! She has lots of excellent ideas on the carpet and produced lovely, detailed written work about her summer holiday. Keep it up Amber, what a wonderful start!

Izzy took Lottie (the class dog!) home for the weekend! She is a true superstar! Izzy is very helpful and is always happy! She has a big smile on her face every morning. Izzy is a great friend and has made an excellent start to Class Five. Hope you had a lovely weekend Izzy.

pic 3

Izzy… ready to have a fun weekend with Lottie!

Carry on being the star that you are J

Miss Garnett





What makes us special?

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We have been thinking about what makes us special.
We are special because:

We are kind and helpful (Evie)

Our mums and dads and sisters and brothers love us (Tilly)

We play with people (Myles)

You have friends and mummy and daddy kiss you and hug you at night (Sophie)

We can do sports (Alfie M)

We can be kind to our friends (Harry)

Nobody else is you (Daisy)

We love our muumies and daddies (Izzy)

We have brothers and sisters and mummies and daddies (Ellie)

We are kind to other people (Charlie)

We have fish as pets (Harlem)

We care and love people (Amber)

We are kind (Lucas)

We look after people when they hurt themselves (Bella)

We love everybody (Tilly)

We care about all the animals (Sophie)

We look after God’s world (Harry)

We are nice to other people (Evie)

We can swim (Alfie M)

We care about our family (Bella)


Welcome to Class Five!

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Welcome to Class Five and the Autumn term!

Hope you have had a lovely and relaxing summer holiday. We are looking forward to meeting you and we hope you are excited about coming into Class Five. We are very excited too!

We are going to explore lots of fun and exciting topics this coming year, starting with ‘Journeys Around the World’. Have you been on a wonderful journey during the summer holidays?

Our class blog is going to be an excellent way of sharing our learning and we cannot wait to start blogging! Throughout the half term, we will blog about new and exciting places we have explored in Class Five. We are really looking forward to your comments on our new blogsite. You might have been on a journey to these places too and we would love to hear about it!

To get us started please could you either bring in or better still e-mail in a photograph of your summer holiday, in the UK, abroad or on a lovely day trip.

Please send your photographs to:

Lets get blogging!

See you Monday!

Miss Garnett, Mrs North, Mrs Midgley and Mrs Rose


Hello world!

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Welcome to BLS Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!